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Putzmeister 5" (125mm) Twin Pipe 660

More than 25 years of continuous improvement at Putzmeister results in this reinforced pipe that lasts 5 times longer than single-layer hardened boom pipe. A reliable, wear-resistant pipe, it gives you an economical solution for conveying material with a normal transfer rate and average abrasion rate. With a total wall thickness of 0.16 or 0.18 inches, it is fitted with two patented Esser 660 flanges that absorb more wear because of increased thickness in the insert.

Specification Tables

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Location Boom pipe
Type Twin Pipe
Diameter DN 5" (125mm)
Wall thickness 4.00mm (2.00+2.00)
Hardness up to 63 HRc
Maximum working pressure 1,233 psi (85 bar)
Weight (filled with concrete) 28.89 lbs/ft (43.00kg/m)
Weight (net) 91.49 lbs/9.84 ft (41.50kg/3.00m)
Options Available with a wall thickness of 4.50mm (2.5+2.0)

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