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Putzmeister Esser 400IH Boom Pipe

A cost effective alternative to standard ST52 pipe, the Esser 400IH Boom Pipe has twice the life of the ST52 pipe. Features including an optimum price-to-performance ratio, a singer layer pipe with a hardness up to 45 HRc, and the ability to work with seven different weld ends to accommodate customer preferences make this pipe a great choice for many different applications.

Specification Tables

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Location Boom pipe
Type Single layer pipe
Diameter DN 4.8" (125mm)
Wall thickness 4.00mm
Hardness 48HRC
Maximum working pressure 1,233 psi (85 bar)
Weight (filled with concrete) 29.20 lbs per ft
Weight (net) 102.90 lbs per 9.84 ft

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