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Putzmeister 4.4" (112mm) Lightweight Twin Cast 900

The lightweight Esser 90º elbow is designed specifically for pipe systems fitted on large truck-mounted concrete boom pumps. This concrete elbow features a reduced weight to protect the boom design and improve stability. This Esser 900 lightweight 90º elbow serves as the ultimate solution for performance and wear life at a reduced weight.

This concrete elbow has a mild steel outer pipe and a solid inner pipe of the unique steam-hardened Esser 900 twin-cast material. It is completed with two Esser 900 twin-cast Big Mouth flanges. This Esser elbow also has a hardness of 67 HRc throughout the entire inner cast pipe.

Specification Tables

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Location Boom pipe
Elbow 90º Twin Cast 900
Diameter DN 4.4" (112mm)
Wall thickness 7.00mm (5.0+2.0)
Hardness up to 67 HRc
Inlet Big Mouth Flange
Outlet Big Mouth Flange
Maximum working pressure 1,233 psi (85 bar)
Weight (filled with concrete) 47.18 lbs (21.40kg)
Weight (net) 23.59 lbs (10.70kg)

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