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Putzmeister SDVH 3/2 Hydraulic Diversion Valve

The SDVH is ideal for continuous use on high-rise and long-distance pumping projects. This S-Valve diversion valve with hydraulic switchover was designed for selective charging of two delivery lines and provides a shutoff option for one line to adapt to needs on the job site. The leak-proof design works with delivery pressures up to 1,885 psi.

Specification Tables

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Valve Specifications
Pipeline Diameter 5" (125mm)
Maximum delivery pressure* 1,885 psi (130 bar)
Maximum hydrauilic pressure 3,625 psi (250 bar)
Coupling 5.5" ZX
Ports/Positions 3/2
Approximate weight 838 lbs (380kg)

*Standard delivery line system rated at max line pressure of 1,233 psi (85 bar).
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