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Putzmeister Putzmeister Back-End Kit

Our Esser Back-end Kits give you the best pipe material available in the market today for one of the most critical areas of the pipeline – the transition pipe. It increases the life of your entire pipeline, from the hopper to the tip of the boom, to help you reduce operating costs.

Contact Putzmeister Pipe Technology at (886) 734-0296 for available Back-end Kits for other manufacturer models.

Specification Tables

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Back-end Kit
Manufacturer Putzmeister
Pipe quality Esser 900
Kit includes Elbow 900 ZXM 180/150 90° swing w/clean; Elbow 900 ZXM-ZXV 150 6.0 74 90°; Reducer 900 ZXV 150 6.0/SK 125.5 1,200mm; 45° extended elbow - 900
Options Esser 500 quality version also available

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