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Proudly made in America, Putzmeister’s Telebelt® telescopic belt conveyors take versatility to new lengths. With the industry’s only line of truck-mounted telescopic belt conveyors, Putzmeister sets the standard for versatility and convenience.

The line has grown to include a variety of mounting options including, truck, semi-trailer, tower or crane chassis mounting.

Fast and efficient, with observed outputs up to 5 cubic yards per minute, they place high volumes of material with ease – concrete, gravel, rock, backfill and more. A congested job site, wooded lot, muddy ground, or conveying from outdoors to inside - Telebelts are up for any job to save you time and labor.

Telebelts are ideal for a variety of applications, including: Dams, Caissons, Wind Turbine Foundations, Bridge Decks, Backfilling, Mat Pours, Environmental, Warehouse Slabs, Foundations, Footings, Tilt-Up, and Outdoor Slabs.

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