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Putzmeister TSV 3-6 Snorkel Concrete Distributor

Riding on rails set into the tunnel framework, the Putzmeister TSV 3-6 Snorkel can turn the telescopic snorkel pipe 360 degree rectangular to the formwork axis. This intermediate slewing distributor on scissor pipes gives you working range of 28 feet - ideal for underground and civil applications.

Specification Tables

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Industries/Process Type
Industries Underground, Civil
Process type Wet
Technical Information
Pressure 14.5 - 145 psi (1 - 10 bar)
Power 10 hp (7.5kW) individual power pack
Scissor system 5" (125mm)
Telescopic snorkel pipe 360° rectangle to the formwork axle
Driving length* 28' 0" (8.5m)
Mounting Rail

*The driving length can be increased by additional scissor elements or by extending the single scissor pipes on request.

Maximum theoretical valuse listed.

Specifications subject to change without prior notice.

Photos are for illustrative purposes only.

For available options, please contact the factory.

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