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Industrial Technology

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Putzmeister is well known for its complete systems approach, especially for handling the most difficult applications, including the transport and storage of coarse sludges and slurries. From the mud of the Assuan Dam and the sewage waters of Paris, to land reclamation, coal and ash in power stations, and goldslimes in mining – Putzmeister is the first choice for municipal and industrial project applications.

Organic Applications: Biomass, Sewage Treatment, Co-Incineration, Coal Slurry, Cement Industry, Special Waste, Paper Industry, Chemical Industry

Inorganic Applications: Mining, Fly- and Bottom-Ash, Surface Water Sludge Removal, Tunnel Construction, Oil Industry/Offshore

Putzmeister technology has opened up new applications for difficult material, making it possible to efficiently convey sludges and slurries that seemed impossible before.

For more information on Putzmeister's line of Industrial Pumps, Silo Technology and Feeding Equipment, please visit www.PMSolid.com.

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