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BSA Trailer Pumps

Putzmeister BSA Trailer Pumps deliver superb, powerful performance over a long lifespan. They provide smooth and reliable pumping, superior durability, unbeatable flexibility and exceptional convenience to meet the needs of even your most demanding job.

Only Putzmeister has the technology to combine high output and high pressure in one to make quick work of tough mixes in a variety of applications, including: high-rise buildings, long-distance concrete pumping, tunnel construction, sludge pumping and other specialty jobs.

BSA Trailer Pumps have what is needed to deliver high performance and high pressure. Convenient controls, heavy-duty tandem axles, high pressure S-Valve, rugged delivery cylinders, Putzmeister’s exclusive Free Flow Hydraulics, RS 900 and RS 905 Hoppers are just some of the advantages you receive with the Putzmeister BSA trailer pumps.

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