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Steel Wire-Reinforced Hose

Putzmeister's wet-process Steel Wire-Reinforced Hose has a flexible steel ply construction allowing easy handling with a small bend radius, yet is extremely crush resistant. The outer cover is abrasion and weather resistant and the inner liner is constructed of smooth, synthetic rubber built to withstand the abrasive action of concrete. The Steel Wire-Reinforced Hose is recommended for pressure grouting and other high-pressure applications. 

Technical Information

Size* Ends Part #
2" x 25' (51mm x 8m) HD-HD A579263
2" x 50' (51mm x 15m) HD-HD A579264
2-1/2" x 25' (64mm x 8m) HD-HD A579268
2-1/2" x 50' (64mm x 15m) HD-HD A579269
3" x 10' (76mm x 3m) HD-HD A579270
3" x 25' (76mm x 8m) HD-HD A579273
4" x 10' (102mm x 3m) HD-HD A579280
5" x 10' (127mm x 3m) HD-HD A579285