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Pumping Agents

Kleen-Krete® Efflorescence Cleaner is a highly effective cleaner for Primary and Secondary efflorescence removal. It is a non-toxic, environmentally safe cleaner.

Kleen Kote is a water-based industrial release that is V.O.C. compliant. It helps prevent asphalt, concrete, dirt and other debris from sticking to treated equipment, forms, hand tools and trucks. Kleen Kote is an innovative release that deposits a very thin film causing the surface to become virtually non-stick. Kleen Kote is environmentally safe and does not contain solvents or phosphates.

Slick-Willie is a dry, powdered pump primer and pumping aid. Conveniently packaged in 8-ounce (0.24L) bags, Slick-Willie is specially formulated to provide the concrete pumper with an economical replacement for expensive bagged cement primers and grout primer slurries.

As a concrete pumping aid, Slick-Willie is a top performer that is easy to use. By reducing line pressure, Slick-Willie enables the placement of hard to pump mixes and increases the range of pumpability. Environmentally safe and compatible with all conventional concrete materials, Slick-Willie contains no bentonite, cementites, soaps or air entraining agents.

Putzmeiseter Pro-Prime enhances the pumping process with much longer system runs while facilitating lower line pressures and decreasing wear on equipment. This patented non-alkaline formula is environmentally conscious and handles difficult mixes with ease. It only takes five minutes to mix, hydrates faster and will not dry out concrete.

America’s original concrete pump primer, Prime-A-Pac is the first choice among line pumpers for its oatmeal-like consistency. Prime-A-Pac works best on long runs of rubber hose and difficult set-ups. Its Bentonite clay base is excellent for refractory applications.

Chemical Coatings

Item Description Part #
Kleen-Krete® 5 gal bucket, non-dilluted liquid AST23021
Kleen Kote 5 gal bucket, non-dilluted liquid AST23014
Slick-Willie™ 50-bag bucket AST23005
Pro-Prime 50-bag bucket A120014
Prime-A-Pac 18-bag bucket AST23001