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Fixed Snap Couplings and Gaskets

When joining your concrete piping system, protect your investment and your workers with field-proven Snap Couplings and Gaskets. Swivel couplings, specialty couplings, gaskets and replacement hardware for all couplings are also available.

Technical Information

Size End Clamp Only part # Gasket Only Part # Safety Pin Part #
1-1/2" (38mm) HD AST23730 AST23731 AST23235
2" (51mm) HD A531762 A527010 A581279
2-1/2" (64mm) HD A531764 A527009 A581279
3" (76mm) HD A522621 A527008 A581278
4" (102mm) HD A531766 A526533 A581278
5" (127mm) HD A531767 A522711 A581278