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Adapters are a necessity on the job site, allowing you to join dissimilar end types. Putzmeister offers adapters from 1-1/2- through 3-inches (38 through 76mm) for all common end types. Compact and light, they make setup easy and fast.

Technical Information

Size Ends Part #
1-1/2" (38mm) HD – Female NPT AST23656
1-1/2" (38mm) HD – Male NPT AST23651
2" (51mm) HD – Female NPT AST23364
2" (51mm) HD – Male NPT AST76337
2-1/2" (64mm) HD – Female NPT AST23899
2-1/2" (64mm) HD – Male NPT AST23280
Swivel Joint 2" (51mm) Male NPT AST23272