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Chemical/Accelerant Dosing Pumps

Putzmeister's A10 Chemical/Accelerant Dosing Pump handles abrasive fluids with little wear and provides high levels of volumetric accuracy for sampling, transfer and metering applications. The A20 Chemical/Accelerant Dosing Pump has no valves or glands where crystals can build up and clog the pump. Its absence of product slip in the hose provides 100 percent volumetric efficiency.

Technical Information

A10 A20
Part Number CF CF
Maximum Output 0-25 gal/hr (0-95L/hr) 0-120 gal/hr (0-454L/hr)
Maximum Pressure 116 psi (8 bar) 116 psi (8 bar)
Power Air, electric or hydraulic Air, electric or hydraulic
Mounting Portable stand or hard mount to Putzmeister equipment Portable stand or hard mount to Putzmeister equipment