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Air and Water Hose

Putzmeister's dry-process Air and Water Hoses are high-pressure hoses with fabric braided construction, neoprene tube and red cover. The 2-inch (51mm) bull air hose is industrial grade and steel braided.

Technical Information

Size Hose Coupled Part #
1/2" x 50' (13mm x 15m) water – NPT threads AST23507
1/2" x 50' (13mm x 15m) – Accelerator Hose AST23701
3/4" x 50' (19mm x 15m) – 2-lug Chicago AST23508
1-1/2" x 50' (38mm x 15m) air – Spud AST23511
2" x 25' (51mm x 8m) bull air–Spud AST23647
2" x 50' (51mm x 15m) bull air – Spud AST23657