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Putzmeister Pro-Tech Expands Its Facilities

The 27,800-square foot expansion of the Putzmeister Pro-Tech facilities was completed in July.

As part of the 1,800 square-foot office space expansion, a new lobby was built to welcome Pro-Tech customers.

The indoor showroom, according to Dick Farrell, Pro-Tech used equipment sales manager, will allow Pro-Tech to showcase selected equipment when customers are visiting.

Putzmeister Pro-Tech Expands Its Facilities

Growth of used equipment sales spurs expansion

STURTEVANT, WI (July 30, 2007) – Putzmeister Pro-Tech completed its 27,800 square-foot expansion in July. Located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Pro-Tech, which restores truck-mounted boom pumps, Telebelts® and trailer-mounted concrete pumps to factory standards, enhanced its front office and shop facilities as a result of the division’s growth in used equipment sales.

The expansion started in May 2007 and included a 1,800 square-foot office and 26,000 square-foot plant expansion, bringing the total square footage of the Pro-Tech facility to an impressive 91,800 square feet.

“Included in this expansion is an indoor showroom which allows us to showcase selected equipment when a customer is visiting,” notes Dick Farrell, Pro-Tech used equipment sales manager. “The indoor showroom will also be convenient for customers in inclement and winter weather when viewing equipment outside is not an option.”

In addition, a new conference room provides the capability to view all available Pro-Tech equipment at www.pmaprotech.com.

“The online viewing of our full range of available models in the new conference room will help customers see at a glance what Pro-Tech has in stock to fit their specific project needs,” says Farrell. “It is our goal to make used equipment shopping an enjoyable process for our customers.”

To learn more about Putzmeister Pro-Tech, please contact Dick Farrell at (262) 902-2023, or visit the new Putzmeister Pro-Tech website at: www.pmaprotech.com.