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Putzmeister 63Z-Meter Concrete Boom Pump Wins Top 100 Products Award in 2005

Dave Adams, President and CEO of Putzmeister America, accepts the Top 100 Products Award from Rod Sutton, editor-in-chief of Construction Equipment magazine.

Putzmeister 63Z-Meter Concrete Boom Pump Wins Top 100 Products Award in 2005

World’s LARGEST Boom Pump Recognized for Long Reach, Advanced Technology

STURTEVANT, Wis. (February 1, 2006) – Introduced this past year as the world’s largest truck-mounted concrete boom pump, the Putzmeister 63Z-Meter was honored with a Top 100 Products Award by Construction Equipment magazine.

“In evaluating products for the Top 100 Awards, our staff takes the annual selection process very seriously,” says Rod Sutton, editor-in-chief of Construction Equipment. “As we publish about half of the over 1,500 product releases received each year, we must judge from hundreds of qualified submissions. We have specific criteria for selection, and the Putzmeister 63Z-Meter clearly met that for increasing competition with its size.”

“We’re honored to receive a Top 100 Products Award as recognition of our continued efforts to advance the construction industry,” says Dave Adams, President and CEO of Putzmeister America. “As the world’s largest boom pump, the 63Z-Meter can boast of the longest reach, highest output and most progressive boom and pump technology available on today’s global market.”

Since the annual Construction Equipment Awards Program began in 1991, Putzmeister America has been honored five times for exceptional product innovation with a Top 100 Products Award.

The award-winning Putzmeister BSF 63Z-Meter features over a 200-foot vertical and 190-foot
7-inch horizontal reach, making it the world’s longest reaching boom pump. Its special five-section boom (designed specifically for the North American market) and its versatile Z-fold configuration help achieve exceptional boom maneuverability in difficult-to-reach areas.

One of the most revolutionary advances featured as standard on the Putzmeister 63Z is the company’s Ergonic© technology. Adams notes, “The Ergonic system is far superior to anything on the market today, as it goes beyond just monitoring performance. It also allows the operator to actually set parameters for controlling the boom, the pump and various other functions.”

Under the Ergonic umbrella is the revolutionary Ergonic Pump Control System (EPS). A major part of EPS is inclusion of an Ergonic Graphic Display (EGD) system, which allows the operator to both view functions from a modular control box with 3-inch square LCD screen and also change selected pump settings such as number of strokes, pressure limits, truck rpm and more.

Yet another feature of EPS is Ergonic Output Control (EOC), which can be switched on or off via the control panel or radio remote. EOC automatically controls optimum engine rpm, lowest possible fuel consumption, reduced wear and low noise levels.

In addition to controlling the pump, another important aspect of the company’s overall Ergonic system is monitoring and controlling the boom with Ergonic Boom Control (EBC). This provides minimal boom bounce, built-in safety mechanisms and easy troubleshooting devices. EBC also includes OneTouchTM, whereby a single joystick automatically moves all boom sections and slewing in tandem, while keeping the end hose level.

For more detailed specifications about the Putzmeister 63Z-Meter, contact the company toll-free at (800) 884-7210 or (262) 886-3200.