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Introducing the Semi-trailer Mounted Telebelt® TBS 130 and TBS 600

Telebelt TBS 130

Chassis Versatility

Driving Maneuverability

Innovative Outriggers

Reliable Boom

Feel the Power

Introducing the Semi-trailer Mounted Telebelt® TBS 130 and TBS 600

Moving Forward with Greater Versatility

Ideal for mass concrete and material placement, the Putzmeister Telebelt TBS 130 and TBS 600 feature a unique semi-trailer mount that offers greater mobility, a tighter turning radius and reduced axle loads. Contractors worldwide can now choose either a two- or three-axle tractor chassis that can be customized to meet local weight requirements. As material placement does not rely on the chassis engine, the chassis can be used for other tasks, while reducing the machine’s on-site footprint.

Featuring the same proven reliable boom and conveyor technology as straight truck-mounted Telebelts, the TBS models provide high-volume and surge-free conveying of materials, from sand up to 6-inch (152mm) rock for the TBS 600.


Chassis Versatility. Customers worldwide can select a tractor chassis that meets their preference and needs. With the ability to choose a two- or three-axle chassis for use with the three-axle TBS model, selection can be based on location-specific weight restrictions. Since the chassis is detachable, it can be replaced with a small counterweight and used on other job site tasks.

Driving Maneuverability. The semi-trailer mounting style offers greater on-site mobility, a tight turning radius and reduced axle loads. Thanks to the 5th wheel trailer configuration driving is a breeze, as it is easier to maneuver around obstacles than twin-steer or straight truck options. Additionally, the TBS is legal to operate in areas with frost law limit of 18,000 lbs (8,165kg) per axle.

For on-road driving, the Special Roll Stabilization System (RSS) featured on the TBS models automatically adjusts the trailer suspension airbag’s pressure to accommodate cornering at highway speeds which reduces movement of the upper boom structure. While for off-road operation the trailer features an air-lift front trailer axle which shifts weight onto the king pin for increased traction and reduced turning force.

Innovative Outriggers. Special configurations keep outriggers compact during travel, yet provide needed stability to attain a long horizontal reach. The easy to operate outriggers have two telescoping “box design” sections which allow the operator to reduce the outrigger span on the non-working side of the unit for setup in highly congested areas. All hydraulic, the front outriggers swing out and extend down, while rear ones telescope out and extend down.

Feel the Power, Realize the Reduced Costs. High volume material placement does not rely on the chassis engine. The TBS trailer operates off a self-contained Deutz engine which provides the power to achieve high outputs for greater productivity with reduced fuel consumption.


Proven Reliable Boom and Conveyor Technology. Featuring the same trusted, high performance boom and conveyor belts as found on Telebelts for decades. The feed and main conveyor belts can be independently controlled, and have an infinitely variable belt speed from 0 to 100%. The hydraulically-actuated telescopic boom, with 360° hydraulic rotation, operates at all lengths using a single control lever and the independent feed conveyor features hydraulic lift and 360° rotation so it can load materials from any position.

Equipped with Standard Radio and Cable Remotes. Fully proportional, one joystick controls all boom movements. Radio remote features frequency hopping with power boost. Similar in design, cable remote has a 100 foot (30m) cable.


Telebelt places wide variety of materials to maximize unit utilization. Place tough and unpumpable concrete from 0" to 12" (0 to 305mm) slump. As well, convey any flowable material from sand to 4" (102mm) rock with the TBS 130, and up to 6" (152mm) aggregate with the TBS 600.

Telebelt are ideal for a variety of jobs from marine applications (piers, breakwaters, and cofferdams), nuclear power plant and wind farm construction to bridge construction, backfilling and paving. The possibilities are endless.

Diversify your fleet with a Telebelt to attain greater value, higher profits. Use one machine for multiple tasks to help expand your customer base. High volume outputs of concrete and over 400 tons an hour of materials result in improved productivity.

Helping your bottom line, Telebelts have no concrete or material waste, as the conveyor is empty when the job is done. Realize lower maintenance costs as fewer mechanical moving parts are in direct contact with concrete, plus conveyed material is not under pressure.

Visit the Telebelt section on this web site and contact Putzmeister America for available options.

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