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The Right Place at the Right Time

Putzmeister America demonstrated a Series II detachable placing boom from a 40Z-meter truck-mounted concrete boom pump flying from truck to tower at the World of Concrete.

The Series II detach kit provides the quickest and easiest truck to tower conversion for greater efficiency on-site.

Step 1: Detach boom and connect crane cables to boom.

Step 2: Lift boom.

Step 3: Position and connect pins.

Step 4: Unfold and pump.

The Right Place at the Right Time

Putzmeister America, Inc. showcases Detach Placing Boom technology at the World of Concrete 2008

STURTEVANT, WI (February 1, 2008) – Rising high above the Central Hall booths at the 2008 World of Concrete is something never seen before at this annual show. Putzmeister America, Inc. demonstrated a Series II detachable placing boom from a 40Z-meter truck-mounted concrete boom pump flying from truck to tower. The 13,144-lb (5,962kg) boom hung from the ceiling of the hall above the company’s booth.

“We really wanted to showcase the ease and convenience of flying a detach boom,” says Putzmeister America vice president of sales and marketing, Bill Dwyer. “This made for a very powerful display and allowed us to talk to customers about the versatility of owning a truck-mounted boom pump that can also be mounted to a tower for separate placing applications. High-rise concrete placement is a growing trend that Putzmeister has pioneered.”

The boom can be seen above its truck, which is placed next to a Putzmeister Pin Tower. Featuring the convenience of a four-pin connection, the tower displayed at the World of Concrete featured a hydraulic climbing system, a spacious platform and a Putzmeister pedestal. The setup was very similar to those using Putzmeister equipment on job sites across the country including several high- rise Trump buildings.

“While a large project like Trump Chicago are what people commonly think of for a placing system,” says Bill Carbeau, director – special applications business, “we want to talk to people about the countless other opportunities that can enable contractors to expand their placing business. They can handle a mat pour in the morning, drive the truck-mounted boom pump to another job in the afternoon, fly and mount the boom in thirty minutes and be pumping a parking structure. That’s real flexibility.”

The Putzmeister detachable boom offers customers three pumping and placing options, to pump and place from the truck, pump from the truck and place concrete from the detached boom or pump using a Putzmeister BSA trailer-mounted concrete pump and place with the detachable boom. Like all Putzmeister placing booms, there are numerous mounting options for the detach boom.

Putzmeister’s versatile and user-friendly detachable placing booms are offered on the company’s 28Z-, 32Z-, 36Z-, 38Z- and 40Z-meter boom pumps. For the contractor, they provide the quickest
and easiest truck to tower conversion for greater efficiency on-site. For the owner, they maximize the capabilities of truck-mounted booms and provide added ways of generating revenue.

The Series II detach kit is available to fit specific needs and can be installed with the initial boom pump order or added at a later date — a choice only Putzmeister’s flexible design can offer. Topping it all off, these booms fit any modular Putzmeister pedestal and pin or bolt tower system.

The design of the pin tower simplifies both erecting and raising the tower on construction sites.
The system does not require bolts during tower setup, eliminating the need for special tools and the time-consuming chore of torquing bolts.

In addition, all tower sides have a smooth surface without protrusions so the tower can easily slide through floor openings, without interruption, while being raised. While the ladder is still strategically located inside the square tower, it is positioned on the vertical sides in an alternating pattern for improved access to delivery pipe and more space when climbing.

The tower is available in varying lengths and can be utilized with all Putzmeister placing boom models. In addition, several application-specific tower accessories are available, such as foundation anchors, floor support plates, base plates, corner wedges, a universal tie frame and a ballasted base for increased site efficiency. Putzmeister will gladly assist customers in selecting the appropriate mounting and climbing configurations for their jobs.

The hydraulic self-climbing system shown with the pin tower at the World of Concrete enables the tower to be raised between floors without the assistance of a crane. Two hydraulic cylinders offer quick disconnect from the hose. The system features lightweight components for transition from floor to floor. This increases both efficiency and simplicity.

Visitors to the World of Concrete saw firsthand the benefits of Putzmeister’s placing system and Series II detach kit. The company also offers more information at www.putzmeister.com and by calling 1-800-884-7210.