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Second Annual Donation by Putzmeister America, Inc. Helps Concrete Industry Management (CIM) Raise $500,000

More than 75 items were donated and included admixtures, concrete mixer truck, batch control systems, bagged Portland cement, Harley Davidson motorcycle, concrete saws, drills and formwork vibrators.

World of Concrete 2007 Attendees view the 2007 CIM Auction item list and register for the auction.

More than 500 people were in attendance at the auction with approximately 250 registered bidders.

Second Annual Donation by Putzmeister America, Inc. Helps Concrete Industry Management (CIM) Raise $500,000

P 30D Ball Valve Pump among 75 items up for bid at auction

LAS VEGAS (January 25, 2007) – Thanks to the support of companies like Putzmeister America, Inc., Concrete Industry Management (CIM) hosted another successful fundraising effort during the World of Concrete 2007. Putzmeister’s donation of its P 30D Ball Valve Pump to the CIM Auction helped the organization raise a remarkable $500,000 for the CIM program, doubling its proceeds from last year’s auction. This was Putzmeister’s second endowment of a machine to CIM.

CIM is a business intensive program that awards students with a four-year Bachelor of Science degree in Concrete Industry Management.

The second annual CIM Auction was held Thursday, January 25th at the Las Vegas Convention Center. The auction lasted an hour-and-a-half, and was a “huge success,” according to Brian Gallagher, Chairman of the CIM Marketing Committee. “The auction is very exciting because it’s a perfect example of how the partnership between the concrete and education industry continues to grow,” says Gallagher. There were 500 people in attendance at the auction and approximately 250 registered bidders.

“It’s very inspiring to see so many companies like Putzmeister take interest in the auction and the CIM Program,” says Dr. Earl Keese, Executive Director of the CIM National Steering Committee.

“Bringing the awareness and purpose of the CIM Program to the concrete industry is a positive step,” continues Keese. “This partnership will help better prepare students who are pursuing a Bachelor of Science Degree in Concrete Industry Management that will one day be the leaders of the industry. There are already 250 students that have graduated with this degree and the donation money raised will only help increase that number.”

Putzmeister America’s P 30D Ball Valve Pump was among the more than 75 items up for bid. “Putzmeister’s donation is a testament to the company’s commitment to the future of the concrete industry. We were very pleased to have them take part in the auction,” notes Gallagher. Putzmeister also donated a P 30D Ball Valve Pump to the auction last year. Other items in this year’s auction were admixtures, a concrete mixer truck, batch control systems, bagged Portland cement, a Harley-Davidson motorcycle, concrete saws, drills and formwork vibrators.

“We were thrilled to submit the winning bid for the Putzmeister P 30D,” says Bill Burton, new owner of the Putzmeister P 30D of Drummond Island, Michigan-based Island Masonry and Construction. “We’ve been in search of a smaller pump for our projects and the P 30D was the perfect choice for us at the perfect price,” adds Burton. “This is the first Putzmeister pump we’ve owned and with the machine’s compact design and ability to pump harsh mixes, we’ll be able to supply a better service to both our existing and future customers.”

Island Masonry and Construction has been in business for 14 years and Burton says the company has rented many Putzmeister concrete pumps for different projects over the years.

Putzmeister’s P 30D Mechanical Ball Valve pump is ideal for pumping patios, walkways, lightweight cellular concrete, grout, slurries and masonry block fill. The rugged pump can handle foundations, footings, pour-in-place walls and shotcrete for pools and drainage systems. Putzmeister also offers this model in a gas (P 30G) and electric (P 30E) configurations.

The CIM Program started in 1996 and currently has four universities participating in the program across the United States. Proceeds raised by the CIM Auction will benefit the CIM National Steering Committee and support the CIM Programs in place at Middle Tennessee State University, Arizona State University, New Jersey Institute of Technology, and the California State University – Chico. Gallagher says they plan to hold the CIM Auction again next year at the World of Concrete 2008.

For additional details, contact Putzmeister America at (800) 884-7210, (262) 886-3200 or visit the company’s web site at www.putzmeister.com.