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Second 70Z Put to Work

The 46-Meter, the original world's largest truck-mounted concrete boom pump.

Second 70Z-Meter at work.

World's largest truck-mounted concrete boom pump.

JLS took delivery of the second 70Z-Meter.

Second 70Z Put to Work

JLS Concrete Pumping Takes delivery of the Second 70Z-Meter

Always at the forefront of the industry, Putzmeister continues its tradition of innovation with the 70Z-Meter. In 1983 Putzmeister introduced the then world’s largest truck-mounted concrete boom pump, the 46-Meter, in Los Angeles, CA. The many critics thought it could not be done, and here we are 26 years later in the same position, with a road-legal Juggernaut leading the way.

Associated Concrete Pumping of Sacramento, CA, is the very proud owner of the first 70Z. After the second 70Z appeared at the World of Concrete 2009 in Las Vegas, JLS Concrete Pumping (JLS) of Ventura, CA, took delivery of the unit.

JLS has already had the world’s largest truck-mounted concrete boom pump on about four different jobs, taking advantage of the unit’s innovative technological features. Including, Putzmeister’s exclusive Ergonic® technology, a boom with over 227 feet of vertical reach and nearly 213 feet of horizontal reach, and the One-Sided Support (OSS) outrigger system, to name a few.

“With the 70Z, Putzmeister continues to take concrete pumping and placement to the extreme by providing the technological features that always put our customers first,” says Putzmeister America president and CEO, Dave Adams. “The industry has been patiently waiting to learn more about the 70Z and see it in action on job sites.

Visit http://www.putzmeister.com/about/video_library/index.cfm or www.youtube.com/PutzmeisterAmerica to view the 70Z video.