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Redesigned TB 50 Joins Putzmeister's Family of Telescopic Conveyors

Redesigned TB 50 Joins Putzmeister's Family of Telescopic Conveyors

TB 50 is ideal for high-volume residential construction work

After acquiring Clark Machinery's conveyor line last year, Putzmeister and its engineers went to work. The result is the new Telebelt TB 50, a truck-mounted telescopic belt conveyor that's ideal for residential and commercial construction projects of all sizes.

Featuring many technical improvements to its former design, the TB 50 is a compact, multi-purpose machine. Its two-section boom achieves a 50-foot horizontal reach – and a 60-foot reach with a longer Tremme. Combined with the TB 50's 360-degree boom swing, most residential and small commercial material placing jobs can be completed without repositioning the machine – increasing contractor productivity. The machine also has a setup time of under 10 minutes.

The TB 50 can place a wide variety of material, including concrete, sand, stone, gravel and backfill. It easily handles concrete with up to an 8-inch slump (200 mm), and it achieves a maximum output of up to 80 cubic yards per hour (60 m3/hr). Technical improvements to the TB 50 also include a 2,000 psi (140 bar) high-pressure wash-out system, long-wear vulcanized spliced belts and a patented tungsten carbide scraping system to clean the belts. The equipment also features shrouding at all transfer points and wooden outrigger pads with a convenient side compartment.

Using radio remote controls – standard equipment with each unit – contractors are able to easily maneuver the TB 50 into tight or low-clearance situations. In fact, the equipment can operate under a 14-foot (4.3 m) ceiling height. TB 50s are also available on a variety of single- or tandem-axle trucks requiring only 25,950 pounds (11,770 kg), and are powered by pumps driven from the vehicle's auxiliary power take off.