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Putzmeister's New Remote Control Box Focuses on Ergonomics

Putzmeister's New Remote Control Box Focuses on Ergonomics

Putzmeister announces a new generation of "ergonomically designed" remote controls — a major development for safer and easier operation of concrete boom pumps. The most novel feature of the operating controls is the new 3-axis joysticks. All boom and rotation movements can be controlled using the two fully proportional joysticks — without switching any levers or push buttons. This greatly simplifies operation and offers a high level of safety, as the operator can keep a constant eye on the construction site while operating the unit by touch. Operators who have field-tested the new controls on behalf of Putzmeister give it rave reviews, noting that "it's much easier to operate with no additional training required."

The increasing attention to ergonomics also meant transforming the control box shape and grab handles to fit a user's natural hand patterns, when resting or in motion. The levers also were re-sized to better accommodate an operator's hands when gloved. The lightweight remote box weighs less than 6 pounds and comfortably fits around the operator's waist. Combining all these ergonomic features results in more efficient operation plus reduced operator stress and fatigue for short and long-term benefits.

The same ergonomic advantages also will be realized by customers who order OneTouchTM —Putzmeister's new boom control system where one joystick automatically controls all boom functions and rotation, while keeping the end hose level at all times. The major difference with OneTouch is the use of only one joystick, the slightly modified layout of switches, and the different internal wiring to accommodate the system's specially engineered features.

During the next four months, the new ergonomic control box for Putzmeister truck-mounted concrete boom pumps will gradually replace the existing proportional radio remote boxes as standard equipment.

Customers will still have the choice of either ACPA or PM standard versions. For more information, customers can contact their regional sales manager or the Putzmeister sales department directly at (800) 884-7210.