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Putzmeister expands product offering with new Water Technology Division

Putzmeister Water Technology Dynabox 350 12V high pressure water heating unit.

Putzmeister Water Technology Dynabox with PWT 350mg provides hot water up to 230°F when connected to the Dynabox 350 12V.

The Putzmeister Water Technology PWT 350 Plus is a high pressure water cleaner ideal for paint removal, concrete surface preparation and cleaning construction machinery.

The PWT 350mg is ideal for cleaning mortar or plaster from any construction machinery.

Connect to the 12 Volt outlet on the PWT 350mg and achieve cleaning results unattainable with cold water.

Putzmeister expands product offering with new Water Technology Division

High Pressure Water Jetting Equipment Diversifies Company’s Product Range

STURTEVANT, Wis (January 1, 2005) – This January, Putzmeister America formally announces the addition of their Water Technology Division to the North American, Canadian, Mexican and Central American markets.

The company’s new division comprises the PWT product line covering a broad spectrum of market needs for high-pressure cleaning equipment and accessories.

The PWT product offering features a range of compact high pressure water cleaners and related accessories:

• Compact Hot Water Cleaners with temperatures up to 230° F (110° C), power ratings up to 50 hp (37 kW), operating pressures up to 11,632 psi (800 bar) and water flow rates up to 5.5 gpm (21 lpm)

• Compact Cold Water Cleaners with power ratings up to 84.5 hp (63 kW), operating pressures up to 36,350 psi (2500 bar) and flow rates up to 2.96 gpm (11.2 lpm)

Various configurations for the PWT line are available, including stationary or mobile type, driven either by combustion engines or electric motors.

Eric Zimmermann, General Manager of PMA - Water Technology Division says, "Four years ago, the Putzmeister organization in Germany sought diversification, introducing the PWT product line to the European markets. Since then, further research, additional cooperative agreements, and strategic planning have resulted in successfully launching this sector in North America today."

Zimmermann adds, "Although we will solicit the concrete industry where Putzmeister is most widely known, we will also aggressively target other applicable markets, including agriculture, automotive, chemical and petrochemical, steel, mining, municipal, offshore, power, public transportation, pulp & paper, ship building, etc."

For sales and distribution information, contact Eric Zimmermann at Putzmeister America – (800) 884-7210 or (262) 884-6296. For product information, please go to www.dynajet.de