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Putzmeister SP 11 Rotor/Stator Pump Combines Power and Compactness to Maximize Contractor Efficiency

Putzmeister SP 11 Rotor/Stator Pump Combines Power and Compactness to Maximize Contractor Efficiency

The Putzmeister rotor-stator SP 11 DMB pump combines the power of a diesel engine into a highly compact design to maximize contractor efficiency. Ideal for fireproofing, plaster, grouts, stucco and specialty concrete repair, this newly designed SP 11 model offers the convenience of mixing, pumping and spraying with just one machine.

By utilizing a 21-horsepower (15.6kW), liquid-cooled, 3-cylinder, Kubota diesel engine, the SP 11 provides plenty of power yet is extremely quiet to address job site noise levels. A fully hydraulic drive pump and mixer offers maximum operator control, enables pumping in reverse, and requires only one engine to handle both pump and mixer output. The SP 11 can even work at low speed to save on fuel and reduce machine wear and tear.

Employing a highway road axle with hitch and standard running lights, the unit is easily towed between job sites. Once on-site, a light overall weight and compact dimensions allow easy maneuvering and placement of the unit. This highly compact design is especially useful to contractors working in congested areas.

A large capacity 6.4-cubic-foot (180L) mixer has been specifically designed to work in tandem with the 7.75-cubic-foot (220L) hopper for peak performance. Meanwhile, a low filling height of only 45 inches (1142mm) offers more comfortable unloading of bagged materials by the operator.

The SP 11 is both easy to operate and maintain. Convenient component access is found underneath its weatherproof engine cover. A unique tongue and groove design at the rotor/agitator attachment allows easy removal of the rotor/stator assembly without having to clean or go inside the hopper for access. Also, the agitator/drive attachment uses a torque-absorbing rubberized joint, which will flex and therefore eliminate any torque shearing and breaking of the agitator should the unit lock up. As a result, this exclusive Putzmeister design avoids excessive parts replacement costs.

Common to all Putzmeister rotor/stator pumps, the SP 11 also features the patented adjustable rotor/stator design for 3 to 4 times more life compared to conventional ones. It also provides a 0 to full variable speed output control, electric remote and an 11-cfm air compressor.

Model specifications include a maximum 1.3 to 14 gal/min (5 to 55 l/min) output and up to a 360-psi (25-bar) pressure with its 2L6 rotor/stator. Other sizes are available. A 328-foot (100m) horizontal and 200-foot (60m) vertical delivery distance is possible depending on materials being delivered. Unique options include a high-pressure washer for more convenient clean-out and an integral water meter for maintaining accurate water measurement.

For more detailed information or a current brochure on the SP 11, contact the company's sales department at (800) 447-9260 or (310) 354-8000.