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Putzmeister Redesigns Big Blue®

Putzmeister Redesigns Big Blue®

Putzmeister undertook a major redesign of its Big Blue fireproofing pump and mixer. The main objectives were to make it more effective in both long and short distance pumping applications and accommodate the wider variety of materials offered on the market today.

Of greatest significance is the unit's new patent-pending "adjustable pulsation control" on the accumulator. This allows the operator to precisely adjust the flow of hydraulic fluid from the unit's large 2-1/2 gallon (9.5L) capacity accumulator and better meet a job's specific needs. This translates into a smoother output with minimal pulsation for handling both long and short distance applications more effectively. As a result, nozzlemen are less fatigued, hose wear is reduced, and the unit's versatility is expanded for use in additional applications.

Another important design feature is the new optional hydraulic drive paddle mixer to handle the comprehensive range of materials being offered by the growing number of material producers. The specially designed mixer offers a larger 16-cubic-foot (453L) capacity to work in conjunction with the unit's bigger 20-cubic-foot (566L) hopper and low 41-inch(1041mm) filling height.

The new mixer runs off the unit's 101-hp turbo-charged engine that has enough power to easily accommodate both mixer and pump output. The existing CM 150 continuous mixer is still offered as an option for handling specialized materials.

The redeveloped Big Blue offers many other improvements. These include proximity switches in the hydraulic cylinders instead of the water box for added protection and a more efficient switch over, an increased fuel tank size, refined variable volume control at the nozzle, and a new spool valve electrical system.

Originally, the Big Blue was developed in the 1980s for high-rise applications. Although the unit has now been enhanced for greater versatility in handling all fireproofing jobs, the Big Blue still maintains similar performance parameters. These include a high volume 120+ bags per hour output, 2000 psi (138 bar) pressure, and hard chromed 4" x 39" (100 x 1000mm) material cylinders.

Big Blue units went into full production at the Putzmeister Wisconsin-based factory this September. For additional information or a quote, contact Putzmeister's Product Line Manager - Thom-Katts® and Mortar Machines, Dave Rudin at (480) 654-9610 or his mobile at (602) 315-0220; or call the company's Mortar Machine Assistant Sales Manager Lucy Amador at 800-447-9260. More detailed information can also be downloaded from the company's web site at www.putzmeister.com.

Putzmeister America is one of the world's leading heavy equipment manufacturers, specializing in concrete and material placing equipment. As market leaders in technology and innovation, Putzmeister offers a complete line of truck-mounted concrete boom pumps, separate placing booms, truck-mounted telescopic and portable conveyors, and trailer-mounted concrete pumps.

In addition, the company provides a wide range of mortar, grout, shotcrete, plaster and fireproofing pumps and mixers, industrial pumps, as well as tunneling and mining equipment. The company achieved international ISO 9001 quality certification in 1998.