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Putzmeister Opens Pro-Tech Pre-Owned Equipment Center

Putzmeister America recently opened its 36,000 square foot Pro-Tech PreOwned Equipment Center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Concurrently, the ProTech Center announced three tiers of service (from highest to lowest): Premier, Select and Standard for concrete boom pumps and Telebelts®.

Putzmeister Opens Pro-Tech Pre-Owned Equipment Center

Facility Specializes in Giving Boom Pumps and Telebelts® New Life

STURTEVANT, Wis. (April 15, 2005) – Offering yet another alternative for customers looking for quality concrete and material placing equipment, Putzmeister America recently opened its 36,000 square foot Pro-Tech Pre-Owned Equipment Center. This dedicated facility has capabilities to restore the company’s original truck-mounted concrete boom pumps, Telebelts® and trailer-mounted concrete pumps to factory standards for years of reliable and efficient performance.

“As customers move into new and different models, we have the opportunity to reintroduce quality Putzmeister certified pre-owned equipment to the market,” says Putzmeister President & CEO Dave Adams. “Whether a customer requires an ‘as is’ unit or one that has been renewed from the ground up, we can provide just what they’re looking for. Best of all, it’s a Putzmeister with all the quality and performance features you expect from our company.”

For concrete boom pumps and Telebelts®, the Pro-Tech Center offers three tiers of service (from highest to lowest): Premier, Select and Standard. Customers can choose from Putzmeister’s inventory of pre-owned equipment at a refurbished level that meets their needs and budget.

Units certified as Pro-Tech Premier and Pro-Tech Select feature new and remanufactured parts; testing and repair of the unit; Putzmeister certified structural inspections; truck condition assessment and repair including a 119-point D.O.T. inspection; prep and paint; and documentation upon request.

Pro-Tech Premier and Select customers can also request other services such as special paint and decals and Canadian D.O.T. certification for a reasonable up-charge.

In addition, Pro-Tech Premier equipment includes a warranty against defects in material or workmanship on everything but the truck for six months or 1,100 hours and another six months or 1,100 hours on major components. Warranty for Pro-Tech Select units covers 90 days on the truck engine, transmission and drive train only.

Pro-Tech Standard tier units are sold “as is” and “where is” without a warranty – offered for both Putzmeister products and other brands. Customers can request D.O.T., truck and pump repairs for an additional cost.

“While the Pro-Tech Center refurbishes the full line of products that Putzmeister manufactures,” says Doug Brunet, Pro-Tech Center General Manager, “we have established a tiered system specifically for the boom pumps and Telebelts® to meet the greatest product demand.”

The new Pro-Tech Center is located at 445 West Oklahoma Avenue in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Questions on model availability and program features can be directed to 1-866-884-8801.

For more detailed information on Pro-Tech pre-owned equipment, contact Putzmeister America at (800) 884-7210, (262) 886-3200.