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Putzmeister Launches 46X-Meter Pump at World of Concrete 2000

Putzmeister's new 46-meter pump is ideal for high-rise construction projects and long-reach pours, explained Tom Teubel, vice president of sales and marketing.

Putzmeister 46X-Meter pump Chris Kegel, a service technician at Putzmeister America, checks the main hydraulic control circuit on the first production unit of the 46X-Meter boom pump. This truck-mounted pump is not only Putzmeister's newest concrete pump, but is also the longest-reaching pump (149 feet) under 80,000 pounds (36,288 kg). In addition, the unit features 5-inch (127 mm) induction-hardened delivery lines in all four sections of the pump for longer wear and peak performance.

Putzmeister Launches 46X-Meter Pump at World of Concrete 2000

The longest-reaching boom pump under 80,000 pounds

At the World of Concrete 2000, Putzmeister America will debut the 46X-Meter truck-mounted concrete boom pump, the longest-reaching pump under 80,000 pounds (36,288 kg).

Dave Adams, Putzmeister's vice president of engineering and manufacturing, said the company's goal is to design a pump that provides the longest possible reach while staying under 80,000 pounds GVW for mounting on a four-axle chassis.

"This is a significant achievement because units over this weight standard are difficult and expensive to permit," said Adams. "The four-section, roll-and-fold 46X-Meter pump meets all design criteria, including 149-foot (46 m) vertical and 138-foot (42 m) horizontal reaches."

In addition, all sections of the 46X-Meter pump are equipped with 5-inch (127 mm) induction-hardened delivery lines for longer wear and peak performance.

This model also accommodates the market demand in the larger truck-mounted concrete boom pump category.

"The 46X strengthens our product line because its reach strategically fits between our 42- and 52-Meter pumps," said Tom Teubel vice president of sales and marketing. "It's designed for customers who need more reach than 137 feet, yet don't need a 170-foot pump."

He added that the 46X delivers unmatched versatility in the big boom category. "Reaching 15 stories high, the 46X-Meter is ideal for both major construction projects and long-reach above- or below-grade pours," said Teubel.

"With more than 70 percent of all concrete being poured for industrial and major public construction projects – such as office buildings, roads and bridges – this pump is an ideal addition to a larger contractor's fleet." Teubel also said these categories are projected to increase by 10 percent in 2000. "TEA-21 is giving public construction projects a big shot in the arm.

The Putzmeister 46X-Meter pump is the first and only unit in the 150-foot (46 m) class to feature a compact, 27-foot (8 m) diagonal X-outrigger design. Not typically found on larger units, these telescoping hydraulic outriggers provide faster and easier set-up on congested job sites.

The new pump also offers the largest pump cell in the industry, the Putzmeister 0.20H, capable of pumping up to 260 cubic yards (200 m3) per hour. A 0.16H pump cell, delivering up to 210 cubic yards (160 m3) per hour, is also available.

In addition, the 46X-Meter incorporates exclusive Putzmeister features such as free-flow hydraulics, S-valves, hard-chromed concrete cylinders, and dual high-output and high-pressure delivery.