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Putzmeister Introduces Updated Telebelt® QuickStart Series

Putzmeister Introduces Updated Telebelt® QuickStart Series

New DVD Makes it Easier for Customers to Start it Up

STURTEVANT, WI (January 27, 2006) – Putzmeister America announces the February 2006 release of its new Telebelt® QuickStart series. Designed as a fast and convenient reference for the more visual aspects of the machine, the QuickStart series is a guide to setup, operation and maintenance of a Putzmeister Telebelt Truck-Mounted Telescopic Conveyor. It is just one more way Putzmeister offers its customers more than equipment in terms of superior service and support.

Including information on the TB 80, TB 110 and TB 130, the DVD also covers setup for units configured on both Mack and Sterling chassis. Viewers make selections from the setup menu and watch the most accurate instructions for their machine.

Hosted by Putzmeister Telebelt field service technician Don Matthews, the QuickStart series highlights the importance of proper Telebelt setup, gives some operational tips for first time users, and takes the operator through cleanup and maintenance.

The DVD also incorporates several different job sites in order to showcase the versatility of the Telebelt line in conveying everything from sand and rock to concrete and specialty materials. Perfect for long reach concrete pours and low clearance heights, Putzmeister Telebelts set standards in versatility and job site convenience by allowing several different tasks to be performed at one location with one machine in one day.

“The Telebelt QuickStart series DVD was designed to speed up the understanding of how the specific Telebelts work by visually demonstrating several sections in the operators manual,” says Putzmeister Marketing Manager Jonathan Omer. “The DVD is easy to navigate with stop, rewind and fast forward features that allow the quick viewing of specific sections.”

While the DVD supplements the operators manual, new Telebelt owners are encouraged to read their manual several times prior to operation in order to fully understand the machine.

The DVD will be included in the ship away kit of all Telebelt models delivered after February 2006. For more information, please call the Putzmeister Customer Support Department at 1-800-884-7210.