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Putzmeister Introduces New Wall Bracket Design

Putzmeister Introduces New Wall Bracket Design

Putzmeister America has redesigned its wall bracket to accommodate the company's largest and recently introduced 38-Meter placing boom. Plus, they've improved the bracket for even greater efficiency and contractor convenience during high-rise construction.

The new design provides a convenient platform to place up to an 80-foot (24m) freestanding Putzmeister tower, anywhere off the side of a concrete shear wall. The bracket's most novel new feature is its "adjustable" bottom connection. It allows the contractor to adjust the bracket within a 12-inch (305mm) span to easily line up with the concrete embeds, which help fasten the bracket to the shear wall. The concrete embeds are retrievable and reusable - another built-in design feature to the Putzmeister system to eliminate purchasing new ones for each lift.

Another exclusive is that the new Putzmeister wall bracket is not anchored to the forming system, so booms can pump the concrete without any vibration to the forms. This is in sharp contrast to typical separate placing boom towers, which are secured to the form-work and thus allow the forms to move with the surge of the pumping concrete.

Without vibration to the forms, contractors can realize several advantages with the Putzmeister system. They will be able to maintain precisely aligned forms, control tolerances and reduce wear and tear on the forms. These factors deliver significant cost benefits and achieve a far superior finished product.

The wall bracket fits within standard-sized elevator shafts for convenient climbs. It can also be easily lifted by tower crane or raised with the forming system when it is elevated. This makes setup and disassembly quick and easy. Additionally, the wall bracket works with any self-climbing form system on the market today. This maximizes its versatility for use on several different job sites.

The same bracket can be used with all five available Putzmeister separate placing boom models, no matter what the boom weighs. The placing boom models reach from 79 to 111-feet (24 to 38 meters) horizontally. The new Putzmeister wall bracket is also delivered with standard reaction forces and exact bracket dimensions for the contractor.

Several other Putzmeister placing boom innovations enhance using the new wall bracket design. Putzmeister separate placing booms do not need counterweights, even when used at 80-foot (24m) freestanding heights - the highest in the industry. Plus, all placing booms feature four-section booms and can pin-connect to the same pedestal and tower.