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Putzmeister Introduces New 46S-Meter Concrete Boom Pump with "Five" Boom Sections and Diagonal X Outriggers

Putzmeister Introduces New 46S-Meter Concrete Boom Pump with "Five" Boom Sections and Diagonal X Outriggers

One of eight new Putzmeister products unveiled at this year's World of Concrete included the company's new 46S-Meter concrete boom pump. Its exclusive design combines "five" boom sections for enhanced maneuverability from a larger sized pump and compact diagonal X outriggers not commonly found on bigger units.

As 4-section boom pumps are typical in the 150-foot boom pump class, the 5-section boom of the new 46S offers more effective reach advantages. Its unique configuration allows the operator to position the truck right next to a building, unfold the boom and articulate the 5th arm 90 degrees for exact boom placement. Plus, its diagonal X-outrigger design features hydraulic telescoping outriggers with a compact 26-foot 3-inch (8m) front and 29-foot 6-inch (9m) rear outrigger spread for faster and easier setup.

These combined reach and setup features are especially critical for positioning the unit on congested job sites and reaching within tight areas where the end hose must be precisely placed.

Unit is under 80,000 pounds
A light overall weight of under 80,000 pounds (36,288kg) allows the 46S to be conveniently mounted on a four-axle chassis. This avoids the difficulty and expense of permitting boom pumps over this weight standard. Plus, a compact 40-foot (12.2m) overall length improves maneuverability.

The new Putzmeister model features a 147-foot (46m) vertical and 135-foot (41m) horizontal reach - essential for long distance or difficult-to-reach jobs. It strategically fits between the company's 42 and 52 meter pumps, making it ideal for customers who need more reach than 137 feet , yet don't need a larger 170-foot pump.

Using its high-pressure .20H pump cell, up to 260 cubic yards (200m3) an hour volume is attained. This translates into 20 percent more output than any comparable pump on the market today. Coupled with its high 1233-psi (85-bar) pressure, large jobs can be handled quickly and efficiently with plenty of power in reserve. The .16H pump cell at 210 cubic yards an hour and 1233-psi (85-bar) is also offered with this model.

Addressing an important concern
among pumping contractors is that the 46S-Meter is designed with a 5-inch induction hardened delivery line on all five sections. The 5-inch diameter throughout means less wear and smoother output.

Other special characteristics include exclusive free flow hydraulics for smooth, controllable pumping, proportional radio remote controls for precise boom positioning, and two spacious loading decks for handling pipe and accessories.

The four-section Putzmeister 46X-Meter - introduced in 2000 - still remains in the Putzmeister product range to meet customer preference. For more information about the new 46S-Meter, contact the sales department at (800) 884-7210 or (262) 886-3200.