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Putzmeister Introduces Brand New Ergonic® 2.0 Control System

Putzmeister introduces brand new Ergonic® 2.0 Control System.

Putzmeister Introduces Brand New Ergonic® 2.0 Control System

Putzmeister America, Inc. (Putzmeister) introduced its brand new Ergonic® 2.0 Control System at the World of Concrete trade show in January 2017. The completely new system, which debuted on the new 47Z-Meter Truck-Mounted Concrete Boom Pump, includes numerous design enhancements for improved operator experience and greater flexibility.

Overall, the new Ergonic 2.0 Control System delivers a more reliable and customizable experience, featuring new control boxes and panels throughout, offering improved ergonomics and ease of operation while wearing gloves, and a centralized hardware and software in one control unit. Additionally, one remote control is now interchangeable among all Ergonic 2.0 units with use of a radiomatic® iLog key. Operators simply need to plug the unique USB key into the remote and it will sync with that unit.

 One of the most significant changes in the new Ergonic® 2.0 Control System is that the Ergonic Graphic Display has moved from the control box to the handheld Radio Remote Control, allowing the operator to view the live screen while controlling the pump remotely. The new Ergonic Graphic Display Radio Remote Control (EGD-RC) features a high-resolution all-in-one display with more intuitive controls and menu navigation. While the new remote is 30% lighter than the previous model, it is more durable and features an easy-to-clean, wear-resistant body. Additionally, the single EGD-RC now acts as both the radio and cable remote.

“We’ve analyzed every component of the control system to ensure a simplified, more user-friendly experience,” said John Roberts, director of engineering for Putzmeister. “We think operators are going to really appreciate having the display right at their fingertips as they control the units remotely.”

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