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Putzmeister Incorporates Versatile Multi-Z Boom Design On its New 36Z-Meter Concrete Pump

Putzmeister Incorporates Versatile Multi-Z Boom Design On its New 36Z-Meter Concrete Pump

At this year's World of Concrete, Putzmeister America introduced the new 36Z-Meter — a redesigned truck-mounted concrete pump in the 117-foot class, which now features a Multi-Z boom.

The unique Multi-Z boom configuration on the new Putzmeister 36Z offers many advantages. First, the four-section boom can maneuver in, over and around obstacles to efficiently place concrete in difficult-to-reach places.

Second, the design delivers a faster and more efficient setup because the boom doesn't have to be completely unfolded to begin the pour. Therefore, operators can immediately place concrete — even right next to the truck. Third, a well-designed layout of components incorporates straight pipe sections and fewer bends. This results in a less stressful concrete flow through the line, a longer service life, and more parts commonality.

"Because of the Multi-Z boom's versatility and popularity among operators, it was a logical step to develop a 36 meter with this special configuration. It now joins the growing range of Putzmeister Z-boom models, which include our 24Z, 28Z, 32Z and 52Z meter pumps," said Dave Adams, president and CEO of Putzmeister America.

"Plus, the 36Z will soon be offered with Putzmeister's new Ergonic OneTouchTM controls. This advanced boom-control system features a single joystick that simultaneously controls movement of all boom sections and slewing in tandem, while automatically keeping the end hose level at all times," he added.

The 36Z weighs only 54,800 pounds (24,857kg) GVW, allowing additional capacity for hauling pipe and accessories. It also features an outrigger spread of only 20 feet 8 inches (6.3m) in the front, and 23 feet (7m) in the rear. This compact footprint is achieved due to "X" brace outriggers. Hydraulically operated, the front outriggers diagonally telescope out, while the rear ones swing-out for easy setup and operation on congested sites.

In addition, only the 36Z delivers both high 1233 psi (85 bar) pressures and high volume with its choice of a .16H or .20H pump, attaining 210 yd3/hr (160m3/hr) and 260 yd3/hr (200m3/hr) outputs respectively. With competitive designs, operators must choose either high pressure or high volume.

Similar to all Putzmeister boom pump models, the 36Z features exclusive free-flow hydraulics for smooth, controllable pumping, both radio and cable remotes for precise boom positioning, Econo-GearTM for fuel savings, and the high-performance S-Valve for pumping extremely harsh mixes.

This new model will be available for spring 2001 delivery. In addition, Putzmeister will continue to offer its existing roll-and-fold 36-Meter boom to customers who prefer this configuration.