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Putzmeister Develops Unique Auto-Controlled Boom System For Concrete Boom Pumps

Putzmeister Develops Unique Auto-Controlled Boom System For Concrete Boom Pumps

Putzmeister takes concrete pumping to the next technological level with its development of a special auto-controlled boom for truck-mounted pumps. Called OneTouch, it is the first industry-wide control system where a single joystick automatically moves all boom sections and slewing in tandem, while keeping the end hose level at all times.

When activating OneTouch, only one joystick is required to control all end hose movements — whether forward, backward, up, down, right or left. Employing the company's new "ergonomically designed" control box, this one-handed approach makes the unit easier to operate compared to using different levers for each boom and rotate function. At the same time, OneTouch keeps the end hose level — no matter how fast or slow the pumping or how often the boom moves.

The operator simply selects a specific height for the end hose, locks it in, and the system maintains these distance parameters throughout the pumping process. The individual boom sections automatically move to achieve the specified end-hose level. A smooth uninterrupted concrete flow and more efficient pour results, as the operator can now concentrate on controlling the end hose and not divert attention to multiple boom arm movements.

Putzmeister's OneTouch is also user-friendly so no additional training is required. Plus, with the flip of a simple switch, the flexible system can revert back to conventional operation to accommodate specific job site needs.

The patent-pending design of OneTouch is a major part of the new Ergonic Boom Control System (EBC). Besides regulating all boom movements, this EBC system virtually eliminates any swinging of the end hose, which can occur when pumping at high output levels. Therefore, the hoseman can safely guide the end hose for steady concrete placement.

The system also features various safety mechanisms, which constantly monitor the positioning of the booms. For example, the system will not allow the operator to place the booms in an unsafe working envelope, and it also prevents the possibility of a "collision" between arm sections. In addition, user-friendly diagnostics allow quick and easy system trouble-shooting.

The present valves and plumbing — used in Putzmeister equipment for several years — remain the same. However, newly designed software now works in conjunction with existing hydraulic, electronic and sensor systems to achieve the benefits of EBC with OneTouch.

"This uniquely designed boom-control system is the most revolutionary development in the history of concrete pumping. It offers a faster, easier and safer way to operate a concrete boom pump," said Tom Teubel, vice president of sales and marketing. "We believe it will result in more proficient and safety-conscious operators, while at the same time increasing overall job site efficiency and profitability."

The company's five-section 31Z-Meter boom pump is the first model offered with this optional control system. Availability on other Putzmeister models will follow throughout 2001.