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Putzmeister Celebrates 50th with a Tryst in Las Vegas

Putzmeister America celebrated its parent company's 50th anniversary at Tryst nightclub in Las Vegas, NV March 12th during ConExpo-Con/AGG 2008.

Putzmeister founder Dipl-Ing. Karl Schlecht is pictured with his wife, Brigitte and Putzmeister America President and CEO Dave Adams.

Karl and Brigitte Schlecht enjoy the evening with Felix Selinger, Putzmeister's Chairman of the Executive Board and CEO.

Dipl-Ing. Karl Schlecht greeted those attending the Las Vegas celebration, part of his global anniversary tour.

Putzmeister distributors, customers and employees mixed and mingled during the event.

Dipl-Ing. Karl Schlecht passionately spoke on the origins of Putzmeister.

Guests gathered in the lavish nightclub to listen to the founder's remarks.

The Pariginis, owners of Putzmeister’s newest truck-mounted boom pump, the 70Z-Meter, pose with Dave Adams and the Schlechts.

Putzmeister Celebrates 50th with a Tryst in Las Vegas

Milestone anniversary commemorated at posh Wynn Hotel nightclub

As part of the company’s CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2008 events in Las Vegas, Nevada this past March, Putzmeister America, Inc. hosted the North American visit of Putzmeister founder, Dipl-Ing. Karl Schlecht’s 50th anniversary world tour. Schlecht started the concrete pump manufacturing business in 1958 in Aichtal, Germany.

Held Wednesday, March 12th in the Tryst nightclub at the Wynn, the party featured elegant food, drinks and music as well as remarks by key Putzmeister executives, including Schlecht. Putzmeister America President and CEO, Dave Adams welcomed approximately 300 guests comprising Putzmeister distributors, customers, employees and friends as well as industry media.

“A Tryst is an appointment to meet at a certain time and a certain place made by people with a common interest,” noted Adams. “We are all here to celebrate 50 years of Putzmeister and a relationship that goes beyond business. That is what has helped us create success.”

Adams introduced Putzmeister Concrete Pumps GmbH Chairman of the Executive Board and CEO, Felix Selinger who greeted the international group in attendance in several languages. “Putzmeister has had a bright past and we look forward to an even better future,” Selinger said. “What does it mean to be a leader?” asked Selinger. “We went from zero meters fifty years ago and now are producing 70-meter booms. We recently set a vertical concrete pumping record on Burj Dubai. Others have looked at Putzmeister’s innovations and made them standards. We are always prepared with technologies that will take us and the industry to the next level.”

“To be in a leading position 50 years from now,” continued Selinger, “we need to be even more international than we already are. The future starts now with our commitment to continuing expansion for Putzmeister America throughout South and Latin America as well as worldwide logistics and manufacturing for our whole organization.”

Selinger then brought Karl Schlecht to the stage where he thanked the audience for attending and spoke about the company he founded. “Today, we are celebrating 50 years and I can hardly believe that 50 years have passed already,” he said. “It went from event to event and sometimes we would invent something new every week. We are pleased to see that you have all gained from this entrepreneurship.

“The name ‘Putzmeister’ is based on the mastery work of plastering, ” he noted. “But it is also to make things in a masterly way, always better and more beautiful.”

As Schlecht told the story of how his ideas evolved into an over US$1 billion global organization now overseen by his Karl Schlecht Foundation, he shared something that he has followed throughout his long and respected career. “When I visited the United States in the early 1960s, I came across a card with the motto ‘How to get rich.’ It states, ‘Early to bed, early to rise, work like hell and advertise.’ I have carried this card in my wallet for years. What it says has never failed me.

“That Putzmeister could succeed so quickly to become number one in this country, in brand and numbers, is somewhat of a miracle to me. We highly respect our competitors and take what they do as a challenge to us. I have contributed a little bit, but together our team has created success.”

While Schlecht downplayed the significance of his contributions to the company and the concrete placing industry, Adams set the record straight. “Anyone who spends 10 minutes with Karl Schlecht will come away with 10 ideas. For what we have today, we have Karl to thank. His vision continues to inspire us all.”

For more information on the global celebrations of Putzmeister’s 50th anniversary and the company as a whole, please visit www.putzmeister.com.