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Putzmeister Brazil Delivers 100th Piece of Equipment Produced in Brazil

Putzmeister Brazil’s employees recently celebrated the delivery of the company’s 100th piece of equipment produced in the country during a ceremony that took place at the factory in Atibaia, Brazil.

Putzmeister Brazil Delivers 100th Piece of Equipment Produced in Brazil

Putzmeister Brazil, a subsidiary of Putzmeister America, Inc., recently delivered its 100th piece of equipment produced in the country, a new generation 36Z-Meter Truck-Mounted Concrete Boom Pump.

To commemorate the milestone, Putzmeister Brazil employees attended a ceremony that took place at the factory in Atibaia, Brazil, located 40 miles (64 kilometers) from São Paulo.

“We included our employees in this special delivery to express to them how much we appreciate what they do each day to serve our customers,” said Dave Adams, Putzmeister’s president and CEO. “We couldn’t have reached this milestone without their hard work and dedication.”

For Putzmeister Brazil, producing the 100th piece of equipment in the country represents a significant accomplishment. The management team went through multiple stages of development with national partners to meet the prerequisites of quality established by the headquarters in Germany, while also accommodating Brazilian customers’ needs.

“The Putzmeister Brazil team has successfully overcome numerous challenges to adapt equipment to fit the exact market needs in Brazil,” continued Adams. “Our local engineers paid close attention to the weight, durability and strength of each piece of equipment to make sure they meet Brazil’s unique job site requirements.”

Putzmeister Brazil Sales Manager Rodrigo Satiro emphasizes that in addition to overcoming technical challenges related to Brazilian production, the delivery of the 100th piece of equipment marks another special milestone for the company: the nationalization and expansion of Putzmeister operations throughout the country.

“Those hundred machines are operating in different parts of Brazil, a diverse country with a variety of needs,” he said.

Satiro also explains that Putzmeister Brazil has significantly expanded production, a result of increased sales in the country.

“We’ve seen a major increase in our market share in the last two years,” he expained. “Putzmeister is on track is to close 2013 with about 33-percent market share in Brazil”.

The growth of Putzmeister Brazil is the result of a series of initiatives taken by the company to become the local producer of the best concrete pumps. Since 2010, Putzmeister Brazil has nationalized approximately 10 products, including the hundredth unit—the 36Z-Meter. These products have been adapted by engineers to satisfy local market needs, using parts sourced locally, when applicable.

“The Brazilian consumer has the same technology that Putzmeister offers in European countries and the United States,” said Satiro. “Our nationalization policy seeks to strengthen the Brazilian market and allow our customers to have access to credit lines BNDES / Finame, as it is already happening.”

Putzmeister Brazil plans to nationalize additional Putzmeister products in the next couple years.

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