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Putzmeister Begins Summer Telebelt Demo Program

Putzmeister Begins Summer Telebelt Demo Program

Contractors are given free use of a Telebelt conveyor for a day

Putzmeister America recently kicked off its summer Telebelt demonstration program in Burnaby, British Columbia. The TeleDemo program gives contractors free use of a Putzmeister Telebelt conveyor at their job site for a day. This includes the brand new TB 80 model, the workhorse TB 105, as well as the compact TB 50.

"The best way to test the advantage of a Telebelt is to use it," said Tom Teubel, Putzmeister's vice president of sales and marketing. "A Telebelt can move rock, dirt and a wide variety of other materials faster, cheaper, easier and more accurately than anything on the market. And we're giving contractors the chance to use one free for a day. Seeing is believing." Contractors involved with concrete, landscaping, roadwork, backfilling and any high-volume aggregate-placing work can find many applications for a telescoping conveyor. And Teubel said that a demonstration would show contractors that they could save time and labor using one, too. "An operator can set up a belt and begin moving material in five minutes," he explained.

Using remote controls, an operator can extend the conveyor to place materials as far as 105 feet (32 m) away and as high as four stories up. When placing stone, the precise application virtually eliminates the need for grading equipment. As soon as a job's finished, the unit can be cleaned and driven to another job site in 15 minutes. (more)

When it comes to placing large quantities of material, a Telebelt can move up to 360 cubic yards (275 m3) of concrete an hour. Plus, the machine easily alternates between placing various materials on the same job site throughout the day - such as concrete, sand and stone. For large-volume jobs, Putzmeister offers oversized rock hoppers for the unit that can be continuously fed by excavators, wheel loaders or skid steers. Additionally, while conveyor specifications indicate that it can place materials ranging from sand to 4-inch (100 mm) rock, the belts have placed up to 6-inch (152 mm) rock in 0-inch slump concrete.

To request a free demonstration, contractors should call Putzmeister America at (800) 884-7210 and ask for a TeleDemo. Multiple stories on this site also show the equipment in action at residential, commercial, road building and landscaping job sites.