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Putzmeister America Introduces the TK 100HP Trailer Pump at WOC 2000

Putzmeister America Introduces the TK 100HP Trailer Pump at WOC 2000

The 'King-Katt' is the largest trailer pump in Thom-Katt® line

At the World of Concrete 2000 trade show, Putzmeister America will unveil the largest trailer pump model within its Thom-Katt® product line, the TK 100HP.

The TK 100HP features a maximum 95-cubic-yard output (73 cubic meters) per hour and achieves high pressures of up to 1,100 psi (76 bar). Powered by a 180-horsepower (134 kW), water-cooled diesel engine, this Putzmeister unit has enough power to pump long 1,000-foot (305 m) horizontal distances and 400-foot (122 m) vertical heights.

The TK 100HP is also the only model in the line with a 60-inch (1,524 mm) concrete cylinder. This longer stroke provides smoother pumping and fewer strokes, which results in lower maintenance cost per-cubic-yard pumped.

Nicknamed the "King-Katt," the pump differs in appearance from most members of the Thom-Katt family. This bigger unit features a larger frame and hood to accommodate the longer cylinders. Another difference is its standard tandem axle for highway travel. Surge brakes are also standard, but electric brakes are available.

The larger TK 100HP model does have many features similar to other Thom-Katt units. One of the most significant is the durable twin-shifting cylinders for smooth and precise shifting of the concrete valve. This results in less line surge when pumping and the ability to handle low-slump concrete or aggregates up to 1.5 inches (38 mm). Another comparable feature is the mounting of the hydraulic componentry on top of the oil tank. Because it is unnecessary to drain the oil when taking the valves apart, maintenance is quick and easy.

According to Dave Rudin, Product Line Manager - Thom-Katts® and Mortar Machines, "The King-Katt reinforces our product line because its high output and affordable price strategically fit between our TK 70 model and our larger, high-pressure BSA 1407 trailer pump."