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Putzmeister America Introduces Enterprise Series™ of Boom Pumps

Putzmeister America Introduces Enterprise Series™ of Boom Pumps

Putzmeister America debuted a brand new line of concrete boom pumps at World of Concrete (WOC) 2000, the Enterprise Series™. The line is primarily designed for small-to-medium-sized contractors who want the quality and performance of Putzmeister equipment.

The first two models in the Enterprise Series are the 32X-150 and the 22X-70. The 32X has a vertical reach of 105 feet (32 m) and a horizontal reach of 92 feet (28 m). The vertical reach of the 22X is 71 feet (22 m), and its horizontal reach is 59 feet (18 m).

"This series of truck-mounted boom pumps provides an opportunity for concrete contractors and ready-mix companies to enter the concrete-pumping business with a minimum investment," said Tom Teubel, Putzmeister's vice president of sales and marketing.

"For the contractor who wants to experience the superior quality and performance of Putzmeister equipment, the Enterprise line is an excellent start because it offers versatility, dependability and affordability," he said.

"It also will help established pumping contractors who are facing increased bidding competition," he said. "These pumps do not contain all the options featured on our standard units and, consequently, will reduce a contractor's financial commitment."

Teubel said the new Enterprise Series was driven by customers wanting quality equipment at a price that fits their budgets. "These customers told us they wanted the opportunity to own Putzmeister equipment but were hindered by the cost," he said. Although production on the Enterprise Series won't begin until April, Putzmeister already has commitments for 10 units.

Teubel added that now is a good time for contractors to enter or expand their concrete pumping operations. In a forecast by Concrete Construction, it was estimated that the concrete construction market will increase by 5 percent in 2000, to $84 billion from $80 billion in 1999, which was a record year.

"Of particular importance is the continued health of the residential market," said Teubel, "because this is where the Enterprise Series units will be most frequently used." In December, housing starts increased 7.1 percent as builders began work on new units at a seasonably adjusted annual rate of 1.71 million units. This is the largest monthly increase in housing starts since a 7.7 percent gain in October 1998. January also posted record units.

The first model to roll off the production line in April will be the 32X-150. This unit has the capacity to deliver 150 cubic yards (115 m3) of concrete an hour at a pressure of 785 psi (54 bar).

The versatile, four-section-roll-and-fold boom features a low opening height of 25 feet (8 m) for easy unfolding under low structures. The 32X boom is also equipped with a 5-inch (127 mm) delivery line to ensure peak performance at all times.

The 32X-150 is mounted on a sturdy MACK MR690S chassis with fully hydraulic outriggers with integral cylinders. The two in front diagonally telescope and extend down, providing a smaller outrigger footprint for easier setup in tight areas.

This pump also features a free-flow hydraulic system for smooth, controllable pumping. The pump also has a fully adjustable volume control to allow slow pumping while still retaining full concrete pressure and boom speed. Boom and pump functions are controlled with a remote control box located at the operator's fingertips. Optional radio remote controls are also available.

The 22X-70, which will also be available in late spring, has a pumping output capacity of 70 cubic yards (54 m3) an hour at 750 psi (52 bar). The four-section boom has an opening height requirement of only 17 feet (5 m) and is equipped with a 4-inch (102 mm) delivery line.

The Enterprise Series is part of the largest new-product introduction in Putzmeister America's history. Nine new products are being introduced at WOC 2000, with more expected during the year.