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Putzmeister America, Inc. Rolls Out Next Generation of Boom Pumps

In the design of its next generation of boom pumps, Putzmeister has moved the hydraulic oil cooling system to the outrigger, resulting in improved cooling and more available deck space.

Putzmeister America, Inc. Rolls Out Next Generation of Boom Pumps

STURTEVANT, WI (Aug. 7, 2012) – The development of the new 42Z- and 56Z-Meter Truck-Mounted Concrete Booms Pumps by Putzmeister America, Inc. marks a significant evolution in the design and engineering of boom pumps, ultimately providing reduced weight, a greater storage capacity, user-friendly design and increased ease of service.

“Putzmeister’s new boom pumps reflect our continuous commitment to innovation in the design and manufacturing of concrete pumping equipment,” says Jim Bury, director of engineering for Putzmeister America. “With the new generation, we reconsidered how each piece of the machine could work together to make the whole run even more efficiently.”

The all-new design of our boom pump line will have a reduced weight, offering increased storage capacity for job site accessories, water and fuel. The pedestals on the new pumps have been updated with a modular design, allowing for easier component access and serviceability. The compact design also creates a smaller outrigger footprint. Additionally, the hydraulic oil cooling system has been moved to the outrigger, resulting in improved cooling and more available deck space.

The reconfigured design also allows for increased parts commonality between components of the boom pipe system, in addition to an improved pipe layout.

“In the new design, only two different types of elbows—45- and 90-degree—are used,” explains Bury. “Additionally, the turret pipe has gone from having two bends, to only one. Both the new 45-degree elbow and the simplified turret elbow layout offer improved wear, so elbows need to be changed less frequently.”

The new Ergonic® Graphic Display, which features wireless computer technology and a high resolution, color screen, contributes to the new pumps’ enhanced usability. Putzmeister Ergonic technology is a main control system, which increases the convenience, performance and overall ease-of-use by allowing the operator to set parameters that control the boom, pump and a variety of other functions.

The improved layout of Putzmeister’s closed loop Free Flow Hydraulics (FFH) system allows for greater filtration and heat removal efficiency, ultimately requiring up to 30-percent less oil to run than the previous system. The closed loop FFH system continues to be known for smooth pumping and a consistent concrete flow, increased service life, and greater output.

The 42Z is available for immediate order, while the 56Z will be available later this year. Customers also can look forward to seeing upgrades made to additional Putzmeister boom pump models over the course of the next year. For more information, call (800) 884-7210.

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 Putzmeister America, Inc. manufactures a complete line of truck-mounted concrete boom pumps, separate placing booms, truck-mounted telescopic belt conveyors, ready mix trucks and trailer-mounted concrete pumps as well as mortar, grout, shotcrete, plaster and fireproofing pumps and mixers, industrial pumps, tunneling machinery and pipeline systems. Some of the industry’s best known brands, such as Telebelt®, Thom-Katt®, and Tommy Gun®, are part of the Putzmeister America family. The company’s workforce is dedicated to hands-on customer support and advancing the industry in design and technical innovation.

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