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Putzmeister America, Inc. Rolls Out New BSF 42-Meter Concrete Boom Pump

Putzmeister America, Inc. announces the return of the 42-Meter to its line of truck-mounted concrete boom pumps.

Putzmeister America, Inc. Rolls Out New BSF 42-Meter Concrete Boom Pump

STURTEVANT, WI (February 16, 2009) – Putzmeister America, Inc. announces the return of a customer favorite to its truck-mounted concrete boom pump line, the BSF 42-Meter.

“With it’s versatile four-section roll-and-fold design and its 120° working range in One-Sided Support (OSS) mode, the new version of our 42-Meter makes the most efficient use of its vertical and horizontal reach in restrictive areas,” says Bill Dwyer, Putzmeister America Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “Not only are we extending Putzmeister America’s product line, but we are also broadening our customers’ choices when choosing a pump that’s right for their project needs.”

Putzmeister America’s new 42-Meter offers up a 136' 10" (41.70m) vertical and 124' 8" (38.00m) horizontal reach and features a maximum output of 260 cubic yards per hour (200m3/hr).

Standard on the 42-Meter, the Ergonic® Pump System (EPS) is housed in an easily accessible single Modular Control Box (MBC). This advanced technology incorporates microprocessor supported controls that go beyond monitoring performance, allowing the operator to set parameters that control the pump and a variety of other operational tasks.

Integral to EPS, Ergonic Output Control (EOC) reduces fuel consumption, wear and noise. EOC automatically adjusts the engine speed to the minimum required for the delivery rate. Ergonic also puts the operator in control of success with a three-inch square LCD screen right on the MBC.

Simple to use, this Ergonic Graphic Display (EGD) gives the pump operator a quick and clear visual display of important machine information as well as the ability to set individual pumping parameters.

In addition to Putzmeister America’s exclusive free flow hydraulics for smooth, controllable pumping, the 42-Meter includes twin-pipe delivery line on all boom sections; fully proportional cable and radio remote controls for precise boom positioning; automatic lubrication of the unit’s hopper for simplified maintenance; and the S-Valve hopper for pumping extremely harsh mixes. Like all Putzmeister America boom pumps, the 42-Meter features a modular bolt-on flatpack and hydraulic system that improves the efficiency of maintenance and servicing.

Deliveries for the 42-Meter began in January 2009. For more details, contact Putzmeister America toll-free at (800) 884-7210, (262) 886-3200 or visit the company’s web site at www.putzmeister.com to view specifications and download product literature.