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Putzmeister America, Inc. Manufactures First Telebelt® TB 200, Sends to Panama Canal Project

Putzmeister’s Telebelt® TB 200 offers four types of braking, various steering options, and a reach of 200 feet (61m).

Putzmeister America, Inc. Manufactures First Telebelt® TB 200, Sends to Panama Canal Project

Massive new Telebelt designed for maximum power, control under the roughest conditions

STURTEVANT, WI (August 7, 2012) – Putzmeister America, Inc. has manufactured its first new Telebelt® TB 200, a technologically advanced, feature-rich telescopic belt conveyor offering superior boom control and braking system, designed for maximum performance under the harshest of conditions. The machine is scheduled to arrive at the Panama Canal Third Set of Locks (Third Set of Locks) project in September 2012.

“The newest and largest addition to our Telebelt line, the TB 200 offers many features that sets it apart from others on the market,” says Bob Weiglein, Putzmeister America’s Telebelt® Division Manager. “Not only does it provide an increased working range and precise maneuverability, but it also offers a rugged design to perform at its peak in the toughest environments.”

The first TB 200 off the manufacturing line will be working at Third Set of Locks, a massive expansion project in which a hard-wearing concrete mix is being placed 24 hours a day. With a reach of 200 feet (61m), belt width of 24 inches (610mm) and high capacity output of up to 5 yd3/min (4m3/min), it will be used to reach the tallest portion of the 60-foot (18m) deep lock facilities being built at the Panama Canal.

The TB 200’s four-section boom retracts to 74-feet, nine-inches (22.80m), providing an expansive working range. Its movement is smooth and controlled, due to its precision boom slewing control with positive stopping power. The advanced boom design with modern lattice structure made of extruded steel tubes is extremely strong, yet lightweight.

Another significant feature of the TB 200 is its superior braking system, which offers four types of braking: parking, service, engine, and transmission.

“We recognized the importance of being able to easily stop heavy machinery, especially in rough conditions,” adds Weiglein. “The testing we’ve done shows the TB 200 can effortlessly handle grades, as well as stop and re-start on them.”

Another precautionary feature of the TB 200 is its multiple safety interlocks that prevent operators from driving the unit with the boom not properly stowed, running the Telebelt when outriggers are not fully deployed, and the operation of the Telebelt with incorrect counterweight position.

The steering of the TB 200 also has been rethought, providing a tight turning radius for necessary job site maneuverability. Its improved chassis, which can be driven both on- and off-road, offers many combinations of steering, including crab steering, which allows the truck to move sideways.

Manufactured out of steel, the TB 200’s counterweight is designed to serve as a structural element of the unit. The counterweight moves proportionally in and out as the boom extends and retracts, ensuring that the right amount of weight is in the right position to offset the load of the boom. Its lighter counterweight decreases the weight on each axle, preventing excess wear.

Service and support benefits of the TB 200 include parts commonality with other Putzmeister Telebelts for more efficient serviceability, and access to Putzmeister’s 24-hour worldwide support team.

Another user-friendly convenience, the TB 200 fits into three standard containers that can be shipped worldwide without added expense.

“The TB 200 is ideal for large aggregate, mass concrete placement,” adds Weiglein. “It is adaptable in a variety of applications, from hydroelectric dams and power plants to breakwater structures and high-speed rail construction.”

To order, or for more information call Bob Weiglein at: (262) 884-6223 or e-mail him at: weigleinb@putzam.com

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