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Putzmeister America, Inc. Announces Restructuring of Customer Support Group

Putzmeister America, Inc. Announces Restructuring of Customer Support Group

STURTEVANT, WI (Oct. 19, 2011) – Putzmeister America, Inc. has announced the restructuring of its customer support group. The changes will allow for an even quicker response time to customers’ needs and an overall more efficient customer service process.

There have been several significant changes to the group’s structure. The first change is the development of three specific service groups within the overall customer support group. The first group will service all of Putzmeister’s North American customers; the next will work with Putzmeister’s Latin America and the Caribbean customers; and finally, the Allentown Shotcrete Technology, Inc. (Allentown) group will provide support domestically and internationally. Each division will consist of highly trained parts and service support specialists. The goal in structuring service groups in this way is to provide customers with support teams that have the greatest knowledge of their equipment needs relative to the locations in which they operate.

Secondly, there will now be a separation of parts and services personnel within each of the three service groups. A unique change for the North American parts representatives and service technicians and the Allentown service technicians is that they will have assigned, regional territories, which will ensure customer needs are handled in the most efficient way. Customers will now work directly with their assigned representatives instead of reaching general customer service representatives for each query.

In addition to the structural changes, an increased number of trained parts representatives and service technicians from other departments within Putzmeister America can step in to assist in times of high-demand to help better meet customers’ needs. Additionally, a purchasing and warranty specialist has been added to help source out-of-production parts for the entire Putzmeister family of equipment.

“We take great pride in providing our customers with superior service,” says Doug Brunet, director of customer support for Putzmeister America. “We’ve taken the time to listen to our customers’ wants and needs and the changes to the customer support group reflect the feedback we’ve received. We’re confident the changes will benefit all of our customers and encourage their continued feedback to help us serve them even better.”

Changes to the structure of the customer support group have been in process for the past year and Putzmeister America will continue the transition through the end of 2011.

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