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Putzmeister America Exhibits Unique Hopper Cam

The small but powerful Hopper Cam is an option on Putzmeister truck-mounted concrete boom pumps, enhancing maneuverability and convenience.

The Hopper Cam's color display provides a wide and clear field of vision over a long distance.

The unique rear-vision camera mounts conveniently above the hopper.

Putzmeister America Exhibits Unique Hopper Cam

World of Concrete attendees see new vision of convenience

STURTEVANT, Wis (January 15, 2005) – Keeping abreast with the latest technological advances in vehicle convenience, Putzmeister America is introducing Hopper Cam at the 2005 World of Concrete show January 18-21. A unique rear-vision camera system, Hopper Cam offers greater visibility to enhance both efficiency and maneuverability on construction job sites.

The specialized camera system provides a clear, long distance, and exceptionally wide field of vision behind the hopper of a truck-mounted concrete boom pump. Depending on camera angle, it can clearly project a distance up to 100 feet and an angle of vision of 120 degrees.

A heavy-duty yet compact 2 inch by 3 inch camera device mounts at the rear of the unit and transmits a color video image to a flat panel LCD monitor on the cab’s dash board. In addition, a camera-mounted microphone detects sound to further assist the driver via in-cab monitoring. The Putzmeister Hopper Cam even features infrared illuminators for low light working conditions.

All of these features enable the driver to more effectively maneuver and set up equipment on congested job sites.

The system activates any time the Hopper Cam button is switched on in the cab. It can even be used while driving on busy roads and highways. For even further visibility, the system accommodates up to two additional cameras for viewing three visual inputs on the monitor.

This optional feature on Putzmeister truck-mounted concrete boom pumps can be seen on display at the Putzmeister America booth #C5832 during the World of Concrete 2005. Additional information can also be retrieved from the company’s updated web site at www.putzmeister.com.