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Putzmeister America Develops Annual Inspection Program for Telebelt® Conveyors

Putzmeister America Develops Annual Inspection Program for Telebelt® Conveyors

Putzmeister America takes an assertive approach to safety by developing an annual inspection program for the company's exclusive line of truck-mounted Telebelt conveyors.

Similar to the inspection program for concrete boom pumps, the Telebelt conveyor program outlines safety-related structural and maintenance items, which should be inspected annually. Two highly experienced Putzmeister personnel jointly designed the program — Dave Klapstein, service and training manager; and Don Matthews, Telebelt specialist, involved with conveyors for almost 20 years.

"We wrote the specifications for the Telebelt inspection program to promote safety and encourage routine maintenance checks. We want to educate to prevent surprises," said Don Matthews.

Dave Klapstein also noted, "Similar to pumps, timely inspection and maintenance reduces downtime and overall repair costs by correcting problems early. At the same time, it can point out any equipment safety hazards that need to be addressed. The Telebelt inspection criterion was developed to promote a thorough evaluation to meet these goals."

A comprehensive 309-point checklist covers inspection procedures for the entire range of Telebelts, from the smallest model at 50-ft horizontal reach to the largest one at 130-ft. As conveyors have somewhat different components, operating and maintenance characteristics from pumps, the checklist allows an inspector to develop a good "feel" for the machine and its condition. This is particularly important for individuals that have pump inspection experience, but are just now becoming more familiar with Telebelts.

The program's procedures were implemented this past December when all Putzmeister service techs throughout the United States were trained and certified. They are now qualified to handle annual Telebelt inspections in the field, at the Wisconsin headquarters location or at the company's West Coast Sales and Service Center.

In addition, training will soon be offered to certify Telebelt owners. This begins with the spring inspection school where the curriculum will include the inspection of pumps and conveyors so attendees can be certified to inspect both. For a fee schedule or school dates, contact the Putzmeister service department at (800) 884-7210 or (262) 886-3200.