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Putzmeister America Debuts Its Largest Separate Placing Boom at ConExpo-Con/Agg 2002

Putzmeister America Debuts Its Largest Separate Placing Boom at ConExpo-Con/Agg 2002

MXR 34/38 Placing Boom Model Displayed at Putzmeister Booth S-929

For the first time at ConExpo-Con/Agg, Putzmeister America displayed a separate placing boom from the company's product lineup. It is the MXR 34/38, which is also the largest model in the company's range. The model was highlighted freestanding on two 6-meter TG 10 towers with electric pedestal.

The four-section roll-and-fold MXR 34/38 offers a 111-foot (34-meter) horizontal reach and a boom weighing only 13,128 pounds (5,955kg). Combined, this provides greater effective reach and lighter crane picks.

The MXR 34/38 is one of five models in the Putzmeister family of placing booms, which offer the following exclusive features:

* No counterweight needed on the booms, adding to their mobility and making them the easiest on the market to raise or move.
* A "square" tower with highly modular design for more application flexibility and the ability to free stand up to 80-foot (24m) heights without counterweight - the highest in the industry.
* A special support system, which can pour more floors with less jumps, offers up to a 46-foot (14m) overhang before needing to raise the boom - the highest reach above the upper wedge point available on the market.

Like the MXR 34/38, all Putzmeister placing boom models can easily pin-connect to the same pedestal and tower, adding to overall versatility. The compact 4.25-foot (1.3m) square tower allows for simple bracing by using only hardwood wedges or steel corner details for lateral bracing.

A wide variety of accessories add to the line's versatility. These include the popular detachable boom option, allowing use on either a truck-mounted boom pump or pedestal and tower; build-upon tower sections; a walkway platform around the tower; diesel power pack and several more.

Putzmeister also offers the widest variety of mounting configurations on the market - inside climbing, outside climbing, free standing and the use of special support beams. These are in addition to the mounting on an adjustable wall bracket, ballasted base or traveling base.

Although already very popular around the world, separate placing booms are becoming more widely accepted in North America. They are ideal for decks, walls and columns, dams and bridges along with various uses within pre-cast manufacturing facilities, treatment plants and more.

For more immediate information, contact the company's sales department toll-free at (800) 884-7210 or (262) 886-3200.