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Putzmeister America Announces Patent-Pending Econo-Gear™

Putzmeister America Announces Patent-Pending Econo-Gear™

Up to 25% Savings in Fuel Costs Realized with this Innovative Design

To achieve significant fuel savings and reduced noise when pumping concrete, Putzmeister America announces their patent-pending Econo-Gear system. It is designed exclusively for Putzmeister boom pumps mounted on specially equipped trucks.

When shifting into the specially programmed 8th gear, Econo-Gear automatically governs the engine so the operator can't over speed the pump, and the engine runs at a lower rpm. Therefore, the needed volume is achieved with the same pump rpm as if normally operating in 7th gear, but at a much lower engine rpm.

As a result, a 5 percent fuel savings can be attained when pumping under "full load," and operators have documented up to a 25 percent reduction in fuel consumption when pumping at 100 cubic yards per hour for a typical slab on grade or panel pour.

Reduced noise levels are another benefit of this specially designed system. Under typical conditions, pumping in 8th gear with Econo-Gear lowers the engine noise level to a highly noticeable difference versus conventional 7th gear operation. This improves the ability to better hear and converse with the on-site crew and is ideal for job sites where noise is of particular concern.

This cost-saving feature is only available on Putzmeister concrete boom pumps and was originally designed for those units mounted on Mack trucks with E-Tech engines. Although field proven for the past few years, Econo-Gear is now being more widely promoted due to escalating fuel prices. The company plans to continue this feature as standard on all high-performance 24 to 55 Meter Putzmeister boom pumps.