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Putzmeister 62-Meter Boom Pump Retains Title as Largest Unit of Its Kind

Putzmeister 62-Meter Boom Pump Retains Title as Largest Unit of Its Kind

STURTEVANT, Wis. ( Feb. 2, 2004 ) – The concrete-pumping industry took special notice of the longest-reaching boom pump in the business when the first 62-Meter, truck-mounted model came off the Putzmeister production line in Germany in 1986. Eighteen years later, the 62-Meter still holds the title as the world's largest boom pump.

The first machine of this model line initially was sold to a pumping company in the German region of Bavaria . It subsequently was purchased by Intersat, a Spanish concrete-pumping company in need of the unit's 203-foot reach and high-performance features.

Intersat, of Madrid, has been using the unit since January 2003, most notably to place concrete when constructing balconies for Banco Santander Central Hispano, in the city's Boadilla del Monte district. In some situations, concrete for the balconies could not have been placed without the 62-Meter. The boom's long reach reduced pouring times from days to a matter of hours.

The 62-Meter pump has been essential to other projects as well, including construction of a roundabout, or circular roadway. Access to the job site was limited by a series of meticulously landscaped gardens and a boom with a long horizontal reach was needed to place concrete over the gardens.

The most recent job application in Spain had Intersat building a 126-apartment complex. Work began in February 2003 and was completed eight months later. Placing concrete efficiently on a sixth floor was the most challenging part of the job. Although this was a relatively small pumping job for the 62-Meter model, the unit performed without a problem, demonstrating that it could handle both large and small jobs.

Intersat officials reported that, “The 62-Meter has been an extremely wise investment because it saves time and makes tasks a lot easier. On building sites where the 62-Meter has been used, it has been so successful that contractors have asked for the pump for future projects.”

Although a matter of speculation, it is believed that Putzmeister 62-Meter units have placed a staggering amount of concrete over the years because they are useful for large-scale projects such as airports, bridges and high-rise buildings. But as demonstrated in the projects in Spain, they also are useful for use in smaller, unique, or difficult-to-access jobs that require an extra-long reach.

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