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Putzmeister 58-Meter Concrete Boom Pump Wins Top 100 Construction Products Award for 2001

Putzmeister 58-Meter Concrete Boom Pump Wins Top 100 Construction Products Award for 2001

Putzmeister's 58-Meter concrete boom pump was awarded one of Construction Equipment's Top 100 Products for 2001.

Construction Equipment's Top 100 Award program began in 1991 to call special attention to the most significant new products announced each year. The award emphasizes innovation, calling special attention to the manufacturers who are investing in research and development.

Dave Adams, president and CEO of Putzmeister America said, "Receiving this award further reinforces our commitment of being 'technology driven, customer focusedTM. We're both proud of this present achievement and past product successes."

Putzmeister has won a Top 100 Award for four consecutive years, beginning in 1998 with the 55-Meter truck-mounted boom pump. The Katt-KreterTM trailer pump followed in 1999, the Telebelt® TB 80 truck-mounted conveyor in 2000, and now most recently the 58-Meter concrete boom pump.

Construction Equipment receives over 2,500 product releases in a given year, publishing approximately 700 of them. In evaluating products for Top 100 Award consideration, criteria includes a product that advances technology in its field, increases competition, or represents a new or unusual solution to equipment or job site needs.

The four-section Putzmeister 58-Meter fits all the above criteria.Its 188-foot 1-inch vertical and 174-foot (53m) horizontal reach — essential for long distance or difficult-to-reach jobs.

Using its high-pressure .20H pump cell, up to 260-cubic-yard (200m3) an hour volume is attained. This translates into 20 percent more output than any comparable pump on the market today. Coupled with its high 1233-psi (85-bar) pressure, large jobs can be handled quickly and efficiently with plenty of power in reserve.

The model features exclusive free flow hydraulics for smooth, controllable pumping, and it offers full proportional control of all boom sections so that a feather touch operation can be achieved from start to finish. The company's low maintenance S-valve, large hard-chromed concrete cylinders and long 83-inch (2100mm) stroke are expertly designed to gulp down the toughest concrete mixes.

When fully deployed, the outrigger footprint is 35 feet 2 inches (10.72m) in the front and only 34 feet 3 inches (10.44m) in the rear — featuring a 10 percent smaller total footprint area compared with any other boom pump in its class.

With the most advanced technology of incorporating lightweight yet high strength materials on the market, the 58-Meter provides easy transit. For better maneuverability and greater traction, the unit is mounted on a conventional straight 6-axle Mack MR688S truck.

In its standard tri-steer and tri-drive version, the truck provides a clean, efficient design for higher performance both on-road and off. Special chassis configurations are available to meet varying weight restrictionsby state.

For more immediate information about the award-winning Putzmeister 58-Meter, contact the company's sales department at (800) 884-7210 or (262) 886-3200.