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Pumpware Software Features New Updates

Pumpware Software Features New Updates

STURTEVANT, Wis. (June 9, 2003) – Ware Systems, a division of Putzmeister America, has enhanced its Windows®-based Pumpware software to operate reliably no matter what Windows® program a customer uses.

The upgraded software comprises five self-explanatory Win Series modules – WinQuote, WinDispatch, WinInvoice, WinMaintenance and WinPrelim.

“We took the existing Windows®-based foundation of the Pumpware programs and streamlined it so it would perform to a higher customer satisfaction level. To date, users are extremely satisfied with the greatly enhanced system,” said Dennis Ackermann, Ware System’s sales and service support manager.

Brundage-Bone Concrete Pumping installed the Win Series upgrade at its Kent, Wash., site and tested it for six months. According to Bruce Young, vice president at Brundage-Bone, “The modified system worked so well at the Kent site that we installed the software at all our other 13 branch locations. We’re sold on its dependability and advanced technology.”

The Windows®-based software is compatible with both past and current day operating systems such as XP® and Windows 2000®. Although targeted to concrete pumping and placing companies, the software will work with other related construction businesses as well as with pumping and placing equipment from any manufacturer.

Win Series modules serve various functions. For example, WinPrelim is used to automatically track past-due invoices. Reports subsequently can be created to notify the user when to distribute Notice-of-Lien paperwork.

The five modules can work together or independently, depending on customer preference.

Win Maintenance is currently at several beta test locations. Additional costing information will be included in this module so owners can create reports that inform them of the exact costs to operate individual pumps in their fleet. This feature has been highly requested by customers.

In addition, Ware Systems is incorporating its recently redesigned software into a Global Positioning System (GPS). Ware Systems welcomes customer input into the ongoing design. The basic plan is to mount a GPS module and sensors on vehicles.

Via a computer at the customer’s office, dispatchers will have immediate access to equipment location and operational status, such as placing concrete, clean up, or travel. With this kind of information readily available, subsequent concrete pours of the day can be scheduled more efficiently. This innovative program is scheduled to be available by the World of Concrete 2004.

For more efficient service, Ware Systems offers 24-hour technical support seven days a week. Upgrades and installations can be completed on-site, or via computer modem. For more information, contact Dennis Ackermann at (800) 776-5162 or ackermannd@putzam.com. A web site – www.pumpware.com – contains more details about the company and its enhanced software.

Current DOS users will have to upgrade to the Windows® version to take advantage of all the functional updates.